Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quebec Archives

BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) has several on-line databases available. It will be very helpful if you either know how to read French or know someone that does. French is the official language of Quebec. The initial descriptions are in English. However, much of this material is in French. Here's a list of searchable data I found on their genealogy page:

Register of interments in Mount Hermon Cemetery, 1848-1904
Parish censuses of Notre-Dame-de-Québec
Tutorships and curatorships in the judicial district of Montréal, 1791-1807
Coroners' inquests in the judicial districts of:
Beauce, 1862-1947, Charlevoix, 1862-1944, Montmagny, 1862-1952,
Québec, 1765-1930 and Saint-François (Sherbrooke), 1900-1954
Preliminary inquiries in the judicial district of Québec, 1897-1927
Events of 1837-1838: In the footsteps of the Patriots
Applications for free grants of land to families with 12 living children, 1890-1905
Inventories after death in the judicial district of Rimouski (CN 101), 1822-1918
Inventories after death in the judicial districts of Québec, Charlevoix, Beauce, Montmagny and Kamouraska, 1785 -1955
Inventories after death in the Montréal area, 1791-1840
List of transcriptions of notarial acts
Marriage contracts in the Charlevoix region, 1737-1920, and the Saguenay region, 1840-1911
Marriage contracts in the Québec City area, 1761-1946
Jail logs of Québec City prisons in the 19th century
Non-Catholic baptisms in the Montréal area, 1766-1835
Non-Catholic burials in the Montréal area, 1767-1899
Non-Catholic marriages in the Montréal area, 1766-1899

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