Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indiana State Library Databases - vitals, newspapers, biographies, veterans, etc.

Like many state library sites, this one has a great deal of free information available for on line browsing.  The databases here do not pull up the original image as they were taken from indexes originally kept on index cards. But, they can be very helpful in focusing your research. Be sure to follow the link to Online Family History Databases - By clicking this link you will land on a page titled Indiana Genealogy Databases, Indexes, & Internet Resources by County.  Each individual county page has much more "free" on line material. You can spend hours exploring these county pages. If you have Indiana ancestors or relatives that passed through the state on the way west, this one is a must.

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Anonymous said...

An e-pal and fellow genealogist from OH sent me an article from 1/15/15 that states that
'the new Indiana state budget bill proposes a 24% cut in funding to the Indiana State Library. This proposal would eliminate the Genealogy Department, as well as reduce the staff at ISL by 10%. The State Library has 40,000 printed items in its collections and many documents not available elsewhere. Say it ain't so, Jerry!