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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Need Some Feedback, please.

I've been doing this blog now for about four months. Despite my efforts to promote it and attempts to get it listed in the search engines and other web sites, statistics indicate that the traffic is very low. If you like what I am doing and want this to continue, please leave me a comment. I love putting this together, but if no one is reading it, then there's no point in continuing.
Talk to me...


Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the work you do in finding these free sites. Please keep it going

Donna Mac said...

I recently discovered your blog and have gone back and read all entries. I've added you to my Google Reader. Thanks for searching out new sites that I might not have discovered on my own. As another Upstate New Yorker, I encourage you to continue your efforts.

Miriam said...

I recently discovered your blog and have it in my Google Reader. I hope that you keep it going. Have you joined the Genea-Bloggers Group on Facebook? It's a great way to get more readers to your blog and to connect with other bloggers.

Anne McAllister said...

Hi Jerry,
I have your blog in my feed reader and I check it every day. So please keep going!

Randy said...


Don't kill an innocent blog. For an example of a blog that really isn't being read see mine at:
Maybe it's because I rarely post

Genealogy Lines said...

Please don't stop blogging. I read your blog every day and enjoy it. I have put a plug in for it through my own blog, Genealogy Lines. The information you share is very helpful. Keep up the good work!

Harold said...

Jerry --

I too am keeping an eye on your blog -- it is a widget on my protopage home page so it is possible that those views are not counted. I have mentioned it at least once on mine at My only helpful thought is that it probably takes more than four months for people to find out. Also, those of us who are basically pointing out research resources are reaching a smaller but hopefully more sophisticated audience. We're not going to be attracting those folks who decline to read genealogy journals because they "never see anything on their family," for instance. Give it a year at least! -- Harold

Anonymous said...

Your blog is one I check daily and really appreciate it. I have found references to a few of my ancestors on two of the sites listed. I hope you will continue to post these free sites.

Jerry said...

Thanks everyone who has commented so far. It's exciting to know I have readers. So, have no fear, I'll keep it up. I try to post several times a week, as time allows.

Apple said...

Hi Jerry,

I do follow your feed but I don't comment and say thanks as often as I should. I did list you in one of my Weekly Rewind posts.

One of the easiest ways to get people to visit your blog is to visit theirs and leave a comment.

Greta Koehl said...

I also visit your blog regularly. It is listed in my blogroll.

Dale Braden said...

I've been researching my family's history for over two years, and have amassed quite a collection of websites of data. But I was pleased to see that most of the websites that you describe in your blog I had never heard of. So I hope you will continue to post!

Anonymous said...

I just found your site for the first time. It is wonderful. Please keep it up

Anonymous said...

Dear Jerry,

I just found your site for the first time and was quite impressed, so impressed I will link to it from my own site.

I think one reason for low traffic is that the html for you site is not valid, and that discourages the search engine robots.

Strongly recommend you run the site thru to see the error list and get suggestions how to fix them.

Please keep it up, it does take time. Note your stats will also probably NOT show visitors who have images and/or javascript turned off, if that's what your statistics depend on.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog today. Added to my Google Reader. Keep up the good work! :)

Thomas MacEntee said...

You and Your Genealogy Blog Have Been Spotted!


Just a quick note to say that we’ve noted your blog over at Geneabloggers! It is now included on our blog list and I’ve also mentioned it in today’s post, This Week’s New Geneablogs (


Thomas MacEntee

Robin aka Wolfhuntress2002 said...

Hi Jerry,

I just recently discovered Genealogy Bloggs and recently created my first. I have been working on my tree for several years and while I have quite a bit of information I am stuck on my Greek Branch. If you our any of your viewers have information on how to locate ancestor's from Greece, please let me know. I have a set of Great-Grandparents who were born in Sparta, Greece and migrated to Quebec Canada. I have information for them and documents starting in Canada, but nothing else. I am looking for their parents.

Anonymous said...

As a non-blogger, amateur genealogist and fellow "NY upstater", I find your blog most helpful and do have it in my google reader.

Another great free site that I didn't find in your list (my apologies if I overlooked it) is the Central Library of Rochester, NY. It has lots of great information such as plat maps for Rochester and other Monroe county towns, city directories, newspaper indexes and some early articles from local newspapers. The address is

Anonymous said...

I just located your site through a society message board, so you can keep up the good work. I will be passing on the word too. Thanks for all you are doing to help keep most genealogy free!