Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Digital Mirror - National Library Of Wales

The Digital Mirror is a great resource for people with Welsh ancestry. This site is a project of the National Library of Wales and has original manuscripts, diaries, biographies and much more. One particular collection caught my eye. St Asaph Notitiae (SA/MISC/1300-1491) is a survey of the population of the St Asaph diocese in the 1680s. The survey lists all the heads of families in the parish as well as the number of people in that family. The Lampeter vestry book is also an interesting resource that often cites individuals. The decription of this section states, "From the sixteenth century until the late nineteenth century, the parish as an unit was responsible for an ever increasing range of matters including the care of the poor, repairing and improving highways, and some aspects of law and order." The vestry books is contains the minutes of each meeting. Explore the site. The Digital Mirror has a great deal to offer.


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