Thursday, December 11, 2008

Woodson Research Center - Rice University

The Woodson Research Center at Rice University in Houston Texas has a huge amount of original documents on line, a great deal of which really don't relate to genealogy. However, deep within its digital library available on line you'll find this collection which makes the following documents (original scans) available to view on line, for free and without cost.

* Anne Marie Stewart Turner letters, 1857-1913
* Broun family U.S. Civil War papers, 1854-1888
* Charlotte and Maximilian Collection, 1846-1927
* Dillingham Family papers, 1858-1958
* Early Houston histories and documents
* General George Cullum Civil War Letter, 1861
* Illuminated Sacred Music Manuscripts
* James F. Grimes U.S. Civil War letters, 1863-1864
* John A. Dix Civil War Pass and Letter, 1862, 1869
* John Brown letter, 1862
* John C. Crosby U.S. Civil War Diary
* John Campbell Personal Papers, 1820-1906
* John Wyatt Moody biographical papers
* Lamar travel journal
* Libby Prison Inmate U.S. Civil War Letter, 1864
* Neumann Family Papers, 1850-1955
* Presentations and Publications by Woodson Research Center staff
* Southwestern Archivist Newsletter
* Texas City disaster records

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