Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hawaii Digital Libraries

There are two digital libraries available that cover Hawaii history and culture. Ulukau was the first one established, and it contains documents that were written in Hawaiian, with the translation included if one is available. The second of the digital libraries is the Hawaiʻi Digital Library (HDL). It contains materials about Hawaiʻi that were written in English. If you have research needs in the state you might first want to view the publication: Manual on Retrieval of Genealogical and Land Information. Another interesting volume is: The Polynesian Family System in Kaʻu, Hawaiʻi. The Fornlader volumes will also give you some insight into the early life and the Polynesian race. Actual vital statistics don't seem to be available here. However the site is full of historical information that will give you some ideas where you need to look next, if your genealogy has roots in Hawaii.


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