Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prairie Settlement - Nebraska Photographs and Family Letters

The collection from the Nebraska Historial Society is actually two collections in one; Solomon D. Butcher photographs and the letters of the Uriah W. Oblinger family.
The photographs were taken from about 3,000 glass plate negatives crafted by Butcher. They actually captured as images the process of settlement in Nebraska between 1886 and 1912. Butcher photographed mainly in the central part of Nebraska in the counties of Custer, Buffalo, Dawson and Cherry. The Oblinger family letters cover such things as land, work, neighbors, crops, religious meetings, problems with grasshoppers, financial problems, and the Easter Blizzard of 1873. Uriah Oblinger came from Indiana to Fillmore County, Nebraska in 1873. Even if you have no family connection, you'll find these fascinating reading.
Here's the direct link to the collections.


Genealogy Lines said...

Thanks for adding the Prairie Settlement link to your great blog. I'm a Nebraska genealogist and my blog is Genealogy Lines .... The Prairie Settlement web site is a glimpse into the past in our plains/prairie state, where life was difficult but the settlers were undaunted. Keep up your great blog!

Jerry said...

You are quite welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.