Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Jersey Photograph and Manuscript Collection

More from New Jersey - the link will take you to another section of the New Jersey State Archives where you will find more than 3,000 images of photographs and items from its manuscript collection. The main headings include the following:
Portraits of Soldiers
Historic Structures, Sites and Parks
New Jersey Institutions
Transportation and Public Works
Military Activities & Monuments
Military Service Records
Governors' Documents
Slave Records
Lindbergh Kidnapping
Family Papers

Be sure you dig deeper in each category. There are some real gems here. For example; you will find 284 records from the "U.S. Colored Troops Service Files" during the Civil War; 57 images of Hunterdon County slave freedom papers, 1788-1836; and 415 birth certificates of children born to Hunterdon County slaves, 1804-1835.

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