Monday, October 20, 2008

Virginia's Digital Library

Virginia is one of the earliest entry points for immigrants to this country. This collection has more than 6,000 bible records and features a fully searchable index of pre-1880 wills and administrations for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The collection includes more than 2.2 million books, magazines, newspapers, state and Federal publications; county and city government records, state government records, architectural drawings and plans, Bible records, business records, organization records, personal papers, genealogical notes and charts; maps, rare books, broadsides, sheet music, posters, prints and engravings, postcards, paintings, sculpture and photographs. Not all of the information is accessible on-line. Once you search the collection the thing to pay close attention to is the "format" column when the search results display. This is where you will note the words "on line material." This would be the information that you can view or download on line. The files are in uncompressed "tif" formats, so you'll need a program to view those files. Most of the image viewing programs these days do read "tif" files. It's one of the older file formats for images and is still preferred by the printing and publishing industries.

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