Friday, October 24, 2008

Prelinger Library - is just about the coolest place I ever found on the Internet. Not only does it include rare films, audio, text and The Way Back Machine (takes you back in time to see how web sites today looked in the past.) Hidden in the huge archive is the Prelinger Library. The description on the opening screen describes the library as a "private research library open to the public, located in downtown San Francisco." The library's collections include about 50,000 books, periodical volumes and printed ephemera. The library is currently making possible this on line collection of public domain books and materials. Your searches need to be a little creative. So, play around and you'll be surprised at what you might find.
I searched for Kent England. The results included such things as family surname histories, parish registers, town histories and more.
Here's the link:

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I agree, this is an amazing treasure trove which will take me some time to fully explore. Thank you.