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Sunday, October 19, 2008

New York State Newspapers

One of the finest free utilities available for researchers with roots in New York State is the site maintained by Tom Tryniski from Fulton in Oswego County, NY. As of this posting, visitors were able to search over 7,486,000 old New York State historical newspaper pages. Initial searches are quite easy. Just type in the key word or surname and select the "search" button. Results will show in the left hand column, with any result selected displayed in a separate column powered by an Adobe ® PDF Reader. More complex searches can be accomplished using the Boolean search option which allows you to narrow the searches down to specific newspapers or localities.

The main search site is located at:

A complete listing of the available newspapers can be viewed at:

Historical Newspapers From New York State

Beware the site does get busy during peak times. Tom reports that in one thirty day period the site experienced nearly 1.5 million hits from more than 125,000 site visitors. So, be patient when things slow down.

While the site is free to use, Tom accepts donations of money and or hard drives. Currently the sites houses all the data on 2.8 terabytes of hard drive space and keeps growing. New material is added every Sunday night.

If at first your search produces little or no results, try again and add or remove key words. You can also try adding quotation marks around several words to search for a specific string of text.

Check it out. This site is wonderful if you are looking for obituaries, published vital stats that appeared in newspapers and of course, news items.

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