Sunday, October 19, 2008

Google Books

Google has so taken over the lives of just about anyone that uses the Internet these days. Its search engine is one of the best. But, that's not all Google provides. The Google empire is huge. When you visit the main Google search page, be sure you select the small "more.." button at the top of the page. About one third of the way down the list that drops down is Books. Google has been busy scanning millions of old books and new ones too. Some of the older books, especially those no longer protected by copyright are available in full text. Don't overlook this huge resource if you are looking for information, be it genealogical or historical.
I did a quick book search for "vital records" (using the quotes around the text). The search result showed several volumes of Vital Records for individual towns in Massachusetts. These are available in full text view. I think back to the miles and miles I put on my car and various libraries I visited in the past just to get my hands on these books. Now, you can view them in the comfort of your home with the help of your computer. Google is constantly adding new material, so keep checking back. One day you may hit the jackpot.

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